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Social Media Marketing provides fast-paced feedback and real time results. In addition, Social media is constantly changing. Marketing Route offers expert help to avoid the hustle of keeping up with the latest social media trends because we stay current with the trends and tools for growing your brand.

Why opt for Marketing Route’s Social Media Marketing Management? 

We compose dedicated social strategies that allow you to focus on other areas of your business while we handle the tougher issues. If you’re business objectives involve any of the following, then you should consider embarking on a social media strategy as soon as possible:

  • It will help you in sharing content faster and easier and in so doing increase your brand awareness.
  • You will get advanced targeting in order to reach the right clientele and influence their decision making. In so doing you will reach the right customers.
  • It will help you monitor your social media constantly as you build it and in so doing increase loyalty.

Our range of Social Media Marketing Management Services. 

We have a professional and experienced team. We offer flexible packages customized to your goals, branding and specific needs for your social media campaign. The following are included:

  • Analytics Reports. Marketing Route will set you up with an admin dashboard where you can view your social media marketing performance. There will be monthly meetings to review your campaign performance with your account manager.
  • A dedicated Social Media Manager in Utah. There will be someone who creates social media posting to meet your campaign goals. They’ll work hand in hand with you and your business. While considering your company’s budget, goals and voice, they’ll set up your social media channels, execute a custom social strategy (whether it’s getting a Twitter or Facebook following or interacting with Instagram followers) and optimize them.
  • Reputation Management. Daily monitoring of your social media channels for any reviews, comments and messages by your social media manager. In case of positive reviews, we express appreciation to the users. In case of negative reviews, we consult with you on how to best respond. We target to maintain a response rate of 24 hours because this improves your reputation.
  • Customized Social Media Posts. These are tailored to your industry with a customized posting schedule. The posts will be high quality written to suit your business. They will include high-quality images, professional articles, interactive well-written content and videos. They will always relevant to your brand’s industry and target your most suitable audience.
  • Customized Facebook Boosting Strategy. Facebook has new algorithms that dictate that Facebook posts on your page aren’t enough to get you traction. They have to be ‘boosted’. We work with you to ensure your boosts are within budget and we also select the best media and content suitable for boosting.
  • Content Creation & Management.We encourage this strategy for new brands or those with a low following on social media. We can design a customized contest that brings the largest exposure for your brand. In addition, we can create a campaign idea, determine a prize and run it until delivery of the prize. This will in turn increase following.

Facebook Pixel Implementation

Know your social traffic better by tracking users correctly from Facebook and Instagram. We will help you create standard event as well as custom events for your Facebook campaigns.

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