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If you’re in Utah and are searching for an outstanding SEO (Search Engine Optimization) company – search no further. Why you may ask? Well, we are excellent at communicating with our clients and we also deliver the results that are required of us.

  1. We understand the process of internet marketing, inside out. We operate on 2 fundamental principles – we start out to get relevant traffic and after that, convert that traffic to leads and sales.
  2. We’ll help you in rising through the search engine rankings because we’re in touch with the latest Tools, Technologies & Trends that are being used in the world of internet marketing presently.
  3. We have a Professional Team that consistently conducts research to stay on top of the algorithms that Google and other search engines employ, as well as conducting staff training for the new SEO tools and digital media tricks that have entered the market. While building a holistic SEO campaign, we let our link builders, copywriters & web designers hone their skills so that they deliver better results.
  4. Plans and Strategies.  We take each client differently and provide customized solutions for their online businesses. We take our time to consult with each client independently so as to provide a customized plan. We also study your competitor’s strategy and then formulate a more effective one.

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Wondering what SEO is?

SEO is a process that serves to get your website more visitors from Search Engines. It does this by improving your website’s visibility on the search engine result pages also known as SERPs. To do this, SEO takes planning, hard work and time in order to achieve long term results. SEO is often called ‘natural’ and ‘organic’ results because SERP results are unpaid. The SEO service however involves a significant cost in order to achieve the desired results.

Facts About Search Engine Optimization.

  1. SEO can’t work alone. It has to be complemented by other digital marketing services in order to generate leads. One should never rely on SEO alone, especially short-term, because it is a long-term strategy.
  2. SEO is not an exact science. Google continually updates its search algorithm almost daily. This means that although there are formulas to follow, there only sure way is to keep abreast with Google’s algorithms.
  3. SEO isn’t instantaneous, it takes time. In order to achieve a high Search Engine Result for the important keywords within your industry can take several months depending on the industry, the competition and your budget.
  4. SEO isn’t a shortcut to riches. Google delists, penalizes and fights back against the websites that employ tactics used to try and ‘buy SEO success.’


Our SEO Process

  1. Publishing of your Website. This involves ensuring your site goes live on the web – if it already isn’t. If we’ve handled your site development, we’ll publish it.
  2. Phase 2: Setting up SEO.  There are 2 types, offsite & onsite. Offsite Optimization is very important. In addition to having a good website, search engines have to recognize you as a better source of information than your competitors and also that you are trustworthy. This is called Domain AuthorityTo achieve this, we use optimization methods that Google supports. Onsite Optimization ensures that both visitors and search engines get exactly what they are looking forSearch engines look at ‘distinct coding markups’ and so we tailor them to the particular target market by means of hierarchical architecture, customized metadata, and much more. 
  3. Tweaking the Design & Conversion Rate Optimization. As we progress with your campaign, our continual targeted research yields new opportunities. This may lead us to tweak the current site content or to add onto the content in order to fully harness and embrace the possible benefits of said opportunities. This will improve your Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO). This will, in turn, give you more sales and leads from the same number of visitors at no additional cost.
  4. Continual Optimizations for both ‘On-Page & Off-Page’.  With time, as we work together, your business will grow and consequently, our efforts will increase. We’ll ensure that we’ll keep focusing our efforts on you, whether you need to expand locally, add more products or add other locations.

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