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What Are Product Listing ads?

Google product listing ads list products and their pictures at specified prices and enables shoppers to compare prices of similar goods between two retailers directly. However, the ads go out-of-date in a very short period and need to be replaced or updated regularly. This is because the ads are so specific. How regular the update is required is dependent on how often the price changes. Marketing Route helps retail owners by assigning a professional who is dedicated to managing and maintaining their listing.

Product Listing Ads in a nutshell

Whenever you search for any products on Google, you will see between 1 to 8 products with images and prices either on the top or the top right side of the page, those are the PLAs (product listing ads). The campaign type is known as Google Shopping while the ad units are the PLAs. They command a great deal of attention and they get a lot of clicks. in fact, if your search is specific enough you may end up getting the exact item that you were searching for. Together with images, prices, reviews, and even offers.

How Google Shopping (PLAs) Work

The two platforms on which the campaigns operate are Adwords and Google Merchant Center. Google Merchant Center will store the data feed, the product data, as well as the sales tax and shipping information. The product data in lures details and information such as the product title, description, size, color, image, price, product type etc. AdWords enables you to control your bids, budgets, location targeting, device targeting and other targeting. Furthermore, the shopping campaigns can be published or set live from Adwords.

When the client is able and willing to spend on such listings, there is a high likelihood of selling their products at the specified price because the ads are spread widely throughout the internet. Our Product Listing ads also lists the merchant’s details such as name and address, it enables retailers to consistently maintain a fresh image in the eyes of the consumer and continuously keeps the consumer aware of new items on a regularly. In addition, many of the consumers who buy in bulk will generate savings for themselves and also for the retailer at the same time.

Our Product Listing Ads Process

First, we create a Merchant Center Account, then secondly, set you up with Google Adwords account which you have administrative access to. Thirdly, after completing the listing, we will fill out a budget, and then complete the billing information for the products you’d like listed.

The Marketing Route experts will oversee the entire process until the point at which Google lists your products. This is because according to Google, each product must have its own campaign. If you were to try to do it on your own, creating google product listing ads would be a major job and then maintaining them would be an even bigger job. That is why we are here to help.

Similar to other marketing channels which deliver results, success becomes more of a challenge as more merchants join in. Marketing Route offers well-structured campaigns which are driven by strategic marketing minds & powered by optimized data feeds in order to deliver greater results than the competition.

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