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It is impossible to market without great content!

All avenues of digital marketing are fueled by content. It is what provides readers real value. We always ensure that we deliver good content. We create and distribute videos, web pages, infographics or blogs that provides the consumer with real value in order to stimulate further interest in the service or product that will drive up business profits. It is more or less providing people with the information that they want and need in order to make informed decisions in problem solving.

Benefits of Marketing Route’s Content Marketing

We offer content marketing services that are beneficial to your customers. The benefits include:

  • Help customers het the answers they seek without them having to call you.
  • Your business will be perceived as expert and builds trust and credibility.
  • Improves your relationship with customers.
  • Crucial for page rankings and for establishing brand authority.
  • Increased repeat business and sales.
  • Builds brand recognitionand

Our Content Marketing Strategy. 

We aim to always provide value to your target customers. This involves identifying the key buyers and getting them to make a purchase. It is very important throughout the entire buying cycle: It starts with an awareness stage where we use social media posts, email or infographics to make customers aware that we have a solution to their needs; This is followed by a research phase where we use demo videos, an FAQ pages, case studies or even client testimonials to provide customers with the information they need to evaluate your service or product; There is then a consideration phase which may involve offering a free trial, warranty, coupons or even a free consultation with the aim of making the customer see a reason to set you apart from your competition; After that, there is the purchase stage where the customer is sent a personalized thank you or a request for a review because they chose to go with your service or product; Lastly, the retention stage where the client will be more likely to bring return business because of their good experience with your brand. We can use a carefully timed email, Facebook advertising or post-sales support videos to re-engage customers to make a purchase from you once again.

What we completely avoid. 

Because we abhor bad content marketing:

  • Not utilizing the content once it’s produced.
  • Not using a brand voice for the appropriate audience.
  • Writing content for the sake of it and thus producing impersonal content.
  • Having content with no structure, broken elements or poor visual images.
  • Providing information that isn’t accurate.
  • Blogging so as to fill in keywords in a post.
  • Creating content that the audience isn’t interested in.

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